Roofing DIY Safety In Westchester

Are you planning a DIY on your rooftop? Are you aware of the various safety precautions that a leading Roofing Westchester NY firm follows? These rules and safety measures go into making for an adequate roofing job.

Ask yourself, are you even conscious about them? If not, are you keen on learning a few roofing safety measures and tricks that would make it easier for you to carry on the DIY safely? Well, you must because there are more than one ways you can end up hurting yourself and your loved ones as well when performing your very first roofing DIY.

According to your Westchester Roofing expert the following are a few safety rules to make your project successful:

General Safety

Always make sure to follow proper roofing safety measures. This begins even before you make your way to the roof. Take notice of power lines and unstable or slippery or unsafe roof access areas. Other than these also make sure to do the following:

·    Ensure that your work area is clean and clutter free

·    Organize the rooftop and block it off from pets and children

·    Make it a point to never work on the roof when it is wet or slippery

·    Your Roofing Westchester NY company would also suggest you to avoid working on the roof top during extreme temperatures (hot or cold) weather.

·    When on the roof of your home you need more traction and that can be ensured by wearing soft-soled footwear


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Electrical Safety

·    If you are using any electrical tools and equipment always make sure to use a wooden or fiberglass ladder.

·    Don’t opt for metal in any case as electricity can leap or “arc” to a metal object even when it is kept several feet away.

·    Make sure never to touch any exposed or hot wires with your bear hands or metal tools.

Nail Gun Safety

·    According to the leading Westchester Roofing companies majority of roofing accidents happen when you point a nail gun at another person. Remember, it is not a thing to be played with and so be careful while using it.

·    The safety mechanism of the nail gun should always be working properly. Make sure never to tamper with it.

·    You are advised to only pull the trigger when the gun is pressed firmly against the targeted material. Don’t shoot nails on the material you intend to fasten from a distance.

·    Always clean your nail gun thoroughly and inspect it and lubricate it well before use.

·    Never rest the gun against yourself to prevent misfires.

·    In the end your Westchester Roofing expert would suggest you to always disconnect the air the moment you are done using your nail gun.




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